Umpire Registration


The scheduling of games for Sandlot America Umpire Association / Sandlot America Tournaments begins in February and runs through October. To work for Sandlot America you must have on file a signed Umpire Registration Form and have all applicable fees paid before the season starts. Go to the bottom of this page and download the Umpire Registration Form.

We offer ABUA Membership to all umpires at a group reduced rate.

All game scheduling will be done with HorizonWebRef system. You must have access to a computer (NO EXCEPTIONS).

It is important to remember that we are all Independent Contractors. I would only request that when you take an assignment from me that you honor your commitment. There are plenty of games available throughout the season. I would reiterate the importance of fulfilling your commitment once you have accepted an assignment. You will have 48 hours to accept your games once they are posted on the assigning website or lose them.

We are able to schedule games far enough in advance to take in consideration your work, vacation, and family schedules. All assignments taken must be verified (rain or shine) 24 hours before game time for weekday games and weekend assignments must be verified on Friday. When verifying assignments please leave a number for the coach to reach you in case of game changes or cancellations.

We are always looking for some good umpires to work with Sandlot America Umpire Association / Sandlot America Tournaments that would like to add games to their existing Summer and Fall assignments including Tournaments both in and out of town throughout the season.

If you are interested in adding assignments to your existing Summer & Fall schedule with the Select Teams and Tournaments that we at Sandlot America Umpire Association / Sandlot America Tournaments schedule we would be very interested in talking with you ASAP.

If your Summer & Fall assignor can’t keep you busy enough with games then all you need to do is get in touch with us. We can give you as many games as you can handle. This means in addition to whatever schedule you receive from your current assignor(s). You will have to join Sandlot America Umpire Association / Sandlot America Tournaments and pay all fees before you will receive assignments just like everyone else.

We use the HorizonWebRef scheduling system. This means that you will need a computer at your disposal at all times to receive games from us. Once you have signed up with Sandlot America you will be registered on the assigning website.

No matter if you only want to work certain tournaments and pick and choose what else you want to work that is OK with us as long as you are a member of the Sandlot America Umpire Association / Sandlot America Tournaments team.

Many of you already belong to multiple organizations that use different assigning websites like Arbiter and a few others. As an assignor all I ask is that you keep up your availability on all the websites you use to get assignments. If you are open on all availability calendars and you take a game from Sandlot America you should immediately block out that date on all your other assignors calendars (Arbiter, etc). It would be the same if you took a game from someone else that you would go into the HorizonWebRef and block out that day so that you don’t get double booked. Be honest with all your assignors.

You will not work any games for Sandlot America Umpire Association / Sandlot America Tournaments without your Umpire Registration Form and have all applicable fees (One Time Administration Fee + Current Dues) paid before the season starts.

Umpire Registration Form

You can fill the form out in Microsoft Word and email it right back to us at