I know I’ve told you several times during the weekend how much we appreciate your valued help with our tournament. We couldn’t pull it off without you buddy. Your there with us from the start on Friday to the end on Monday. We couldn’t ask for a better partner to our event.

Please let all your guys and gals know how much we appreciate their work. Again thanks for your support, not only during our tournament, but also throughout the entire year.

-Bill Daggy

Ditto, Mitch! Thanks for lending such a professional presence and for being there for us in every way.

Charley Frank
Executive Director, Reds Community Fund

Ok…hey, I want to give you guys a big compliment. I have been so happy with your services. The umps have always been very professional. We will not hesitate to use you guys again next year.

Jeni Werner


I just wanted to send you my personal thanks for a job well done. You and your crew did a positively fantastic job handling our tournament. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews. All our games were handled in a most professional manner.

The games on Monday, as well as all others, went off like clock work. I enjoyed watching the crews at GABP. I would have thought I was watching a major league crew.
I know I had a chance to thank many of the umpires during the week. But since I don’t have a full email list, please let them know how much the Reds, and yes I, appreciated their professional work. I’m counting on at least another two years of Sandlot America covering our regional tournament.

If I could, I’d like to ask one thing of you. We will be debriefing on the tournament activities over the next couple weeks. If you or any of your crew have input on how we can improve our tournament, please get that data to me.
Thanks again!!!

Bill Daggy
Cincinnati Reds RBI


I just wanted to pass along two great experiences I had from the tournament I ran out at Flash Fields over the 4th of July weekend.  I am sending this message to all 70 teams in the 12u SWOL, all of the Flames coaches, and all of the other SWOL age level coordinators.

My tournament had 22 teams from all over the Midwest,  I had teams from Michigan, Illinois, New York, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas, and Oklahoma.  When you run a tournament like this you can plan and prepare and do everything in your power to keep the teams happy, but there are two things that you have no control over.  The umpires and the facilities.

At the end of the tournament the umpires and the facilities turned out to be the BEST thing about the tournament.  Every team left this tournament happy, and if it weren’t for the efforts of Mitch Sacks and the Sandlot Umpire Crew, and Mike Daly, Junior Atkins, and Chad Ward and the Flash Fields crew I never would have pulled off this tournament with NO unhappy teams.

And Last but not least the umpires. I have now been the tournament director for two tournaments (one with 44 teams, one with 22 teams) this year totaling almost 200 games.  I can name on one hand the number of umpire complaints I received, and the complaints were mostly petty stuff that go in one ear and out the other.  If you have ever run a tournament you know that this is an INCREDIBLY low number of umpire complaints.  In fact I have received COUNTLESS comments on how great the umpires were.   All of the members of the he Sandlot America umpire crew are professional, on time, and fundamentally fantastic umpires.  Again when people go out of their way to say how good the umpires are at your tournament, you know you have a good thing going.

If you are running a big tournament, or if your organization needs umpires, and you want to make a great impression, you will be thrilled if you use Mitch Sacks and the Sandlot America Umpire crew.

Matt Malott


I wanted to write you a note to let you know what a fantastic job you and your crew did this weekend. With 44 teams, 8 fields, a day of rain, and a lot of emotional parents, coaches, and one emotional coordinator your guys were top notch.

I have had several teams go out of their way to tell me how great your guys were, and several teams tell me the umpires were the best they have had in Cincinnati.

Thank you very much for keeping that worry out of my hands.

Thank you for adjusting your schedules on the fly with all of the weather issues, and thank you especially for the HIGH quality of umpires that were assigned, they were all first rate.

Matt Malott